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The Sutter Way

The Sutter Mission

The Mission:  

Sutter fosters an inclusive, caring, and collaborative community by providing learning opportunities that support each individual’s strengths and goals.

The Sutter Vision

Vision: #ItAllHappensHere!

Collective Commitments (Values)

  • We will collaborate and share across grade levels.
  • We will reflect on our own performance and make decisions on what's best for our students.
  • W ...more

The Sutter Song

The Sutter Bunch Song ...
(Lyrics by Kathy Strach and george Casem)

It's the story of Sutter Students
Who were looking for a school year full of fun.
They were all bored, and doing nothing
But sitting ...more

The Sutter Pledge

The Sutter Pledge

I am Happy,
I am Healthy,
I am Successful,
I am Lovable,
I am Caring,
And every day,
In every way,
I'm getting better & better,
Believe it!