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2nd grade Class Supply list
Posted 6/24/19

We are asking parents to donate basic school supplies to be sent on the first day of school.  We hope the following teacher suggested list is helpful. Please note that this is an optional list of materials that may be donated for your child’s use in the classroom.  You are not required to purchase any of these items.  Children who do not bring the donated supplies will, of course, have access to classroom supplies.



1 box of Kleenex

1 box of 24 or 48 crayola crayons (No large)

5 # 2 pencils to replenished during the school year (Ticonderoga)

3- glue sticks

1- self- contained pencil sharpener

1-8 pack of washable markers

1- pair student scissors (optional)

1- black and white 100 page composition book

1- plastic 2- pocket, 3 prong folder for homework (any color)

1-plastic box that will fit inside desk (approx. 8"X 5 X 2)

2-10 1/2"X 8 spiral notebooks (Wide Ruled, 2 different colors)

2- erasers

1-package colored pencils (Optional)

1-sturdy, 2 pocket folder

1-package of post-its 3" X 3"

2- reams white 8 1/2" X 11" copy paper

1- Elmer's washable school glue

Cleansmart Household Sanitizing & Disinfecting Spray

Unscented Baby wipes