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What is our best way to communicate?

If there are ever any concerns about your child’s progress in the classroom or the fourth grade curriculum, please do not hesitate to notify me by sending in a note,e-mailing at or calling @ 408-423-4270. 

I will respond to messages and e-mail as soon as possible each day, usually this is after dismissal.

Calling all Volunteers

If you are interesting in volunteering

please send me an email 

and I will put you on our schedule.

Here is a list of opportunities:


Room Parents:             



(1 Person for Mondays/Tuesday and another on

Thursday/Friday would be great!)


Class Photographer/Historian:


Slideshow Room 18/Open House:


Math Speed Drill Take Home: 



Super Spellers Take Home:



Door Decorators:   

(Once a month)


Scholastic Book Catalog Orders: 



Social Studies:  






Computer Lab: 









Sutterfest Booth Coordinators:   



Sutterfest Booth Helpers:



I would like to volunteer when my schedule permits. :





Weekly Homework


Sitton Spelling-Proof It

Study New Spelling Words

MathStepping Stones-Practice Book



Spectrum- Reading Comprehension

MathStepping Stones-Practice Book



Sitton Spelling-Parent Letter

Math Stepping Stones-Practice Book




Math Stepping Stones-Practice Book



ALEKS 30 Minutes & Raz 20 Minutes Completed 

by 8:30 A.M.


Mrs. Burke

4th Grade Diving into Learning


Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

I am so excited to be your child's teacher! As we begin this school year together, I would like to review some of my expectations as well as classroom rewards. I will be working with the students in various subjects, enhancing their self-esteem, generating moral awareness, motivating students to learn, enabling students to work independently/collaboratively, teaching students to think creatively, and helping students develop a sense of responsibility. I will also make sure that your child is achieving success to the best of his/her ability. I am honored and happy to have your child in my 4th grade class this year. Thank you for all of your endless support and helping make your child's educational journey the richest.


Mrs. Burke

Superstar of the Week & V.I.P.

How will I know my child is a Superstar?

I will contact you the week that your child is our Sutter Superstar! When will this award happen? Students will be awarded at the Froggy Friday assembly on the blacktop at 8:30 on Friday.

Additionally,each week we will be celebrating the Superstar of the week in Room 18. We will be honoring all students at various times throughout the year because they are a special V.I.P. (very important people)!  This year an All About Me poster will also be sent home with your child over the weekend and it is to be returned on Monday. You may use photographs, drawings, markers, crayons, stickers, etc. to decorate it.  Your child may also bring in three special items to share with the class to share within the week.  Please have your child prepared to tell about their poster and on Monday.  Enjoy the V.I.P. !!!

Our Classroom Wish List

What are some donations that the class could use this year?


  • Incentive Stamps Self-Inking
  • Stickers
  • Awards
  • Colored Bright Paper for Copying
  • Copy Paper with Seasonal & Holiday Designs
  • Classroom Magazines Subscription (30)
  • Scholastic News (30)
  • Time for Kids (30) 
  • Rainy Day Healthy Treats
  • Rainy Day Games
  • Rainy Day  G- Rated Videos 
  • Music CDs for Children
  • Plastic Folders: Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue
  • Fans
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener
  • Headphones for the Computers (7) 
  • Mouse Pads for the Computers (7)


Room 18's Rotating Schedule

9:30-10:10        Computer Lab (M)

10:30-11:20             Math Lab(Th)

                                    Room 12/ Chapman & Maksim

12:50-1:40        P.E. (M/Th)

10:30-11:15       Library (W)

9:25-10:15        Science Lab (Th) 

                       Room 23/Buchanan & Wheaton

11:20-12:10       Social Studies (Th)

                        Room 13/Burke

10:30-10:50       Reading Buddies (F)

                        Room 2/ Heiser

2:15-2:30          Friday Finale (F)


Weekly Wednesday Reminders:

Lunch 12:10-12:50 (M, T, Th, F)

Lunch 12:10-12:55 (W)

Daily Dismissal 2:47 (M,T,Th, F)

Early Dismissal 1:37 (W)



PE & Library Reminder

When is P.E. and library time?

Don't forget that we will be having P.E. on Monday and Thursday this year from 12:10-1:40. Please make sure that your child wears active wear and closed toe shoes for safety.

We are also pleased that we will be having library time on Wednesday. Please make sure your child returns their books on Tuesday to our classroom.

Thank you for all of your support!


What is expected for homework?

The district policy for fourth grade is 40-50 minutes, three to four times a week. In addition, each fourth grader is responsible for reading 20 minutes a day 5 days a week for a total of at least 100 minutes.  They should record their reading on their reading log including the number of minutes read, the number of pages read and the title of the book. RAZ KIDS is a school wide computer reading program.  Fourth grade students are strongly encouraged to spend 20 minutes a week reading on RAZ KIDS. This reading can take the place of their reading goal for one day. A parent signature is required each night to confirm that the homework has been completed. The homework assignment sheet will come home each night and should be returned daily. Sutter School also has a reading incentive program, Leap Into Reading. 50 pages of reading at the student’s reading level is considered one book. Our class is also a part of the Reading is Cool program which is hosted by the San Jose Sharks. We want the students' to continue to realize that we are life long readers. All active readers will have chances to their reap monthly awards.  

The computer math program, ALEKS, needs to be done each week for 30 minutes. I will be checking student scores on Monday morning. If you do not have computer access please let me know.  

Written homework assignments should be done on lined binder paper in pencil.  All homework should be completed in their neatest writing.

Any work that is not completed during the school day will be sent home.  These assignments should be completed and returned to school the next day.  Papers that are marked “Not Finished and Please Return” should be returned the following day.  If there is ever a problem with homework or it is taking them too long to complete it, please send a note with your child. 

If your child is sick, homework will be waiting for them on their desk upon their return to class.  If your child is absent for an extended amount of time, and you wish to request a homework packet, please send an email the day before you wish to collect the packet. 

Great Study Habits

What are great study habits?

Your child is continuing to work on great study habits in fourth grade.  Expect your child to spend at least 40+ minutes a day on school work at home. If all assigned work is complete, your child could read more, study weekly spelling words or Super Speller words, write for pleasure, practice multiplication facts from 0- 12, work on handwriting/cursive, or go on the computer with their Raz Kids or ALEKS.  If homework is not going smoothly please let me know and I can help make your child's journey even more successful.   

Weekly Tests

When will weekly tests be?

A spelling preview of our weekly words will be given on Monday and the final spelling dictation test is on Friday. If your child does well on the spelling preview and receives 100%, he/she will be given "Super Speller" words to study for the week. The "Super Spellers" test will also be on Friday.  The majority of math skills learned are assessed on Friday.  


How can I become a classroom volunteer?

Parent volunteers are welcome in the classroom. Most importantly, make sure you have a current TB on file in the office. Please, notify me in advance if you are interested in assisting in the classroom by making copies, being a room parent, assisting with special events, helping with a take home project, or have a special talent you would like to share. You are what makes our journey even richer!