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Contacting Us:

The best way to reach us is via email!

Mrs. Malae:

Mrs. Wilhelm:

Please always CC the teacher who is not working that day.


Behavior Expectations

Class Rules

  • Be Respectful
  • Be responsible
  • Be safe


We teach the students that mistakes are okay and honesty is imperative in every situation.  However, if a child fails to follow directions or chooses not to follow the rules, we use the consequences below in addition to the weekly behavior communication on the ICMM form.



  • Verbal Warning
  • Move to a “quiet spot”
  • Write a reflective letter about their behavior
  • Loss of recess or free time
  • Call parents or see principal if necessary



All homework assignments are given out daily and DUE on FOLLOWING school day unless otherwise specified.  Incomplete homework or failure to turn in an assignment will result in a loss of recess and Friday Finale.  



Students earn “frog tickets” which can be saved and used during the year in our class store where students can buy prizes or privileges with their tickets.

Tickets can be earned throughout the day for following class rules, helping others, returning Wednesday envelopes and important papers (with your signature), or just being a good kid!

Mrs. Malae & Mrs. Wilhelm

Welcome to Room 16!

Welcome to room 16!  Our names are Mrs. Malae and Mrs. Wilhelm and we will be your child’s teachers for fourth grade.  This will be an interesting and exciting year, as we have so many fun projects and activities planned for your students.  As we embark on our learning adventure, we will build a community of friends as we learn and have fun together.  We will work together so your son/daughter will grow as a reader, writer, mathematician, and problem solver.  We hope that you will take an active role in your child’s learning this year.



  • Please make sure your child has his/her agenda and frog folder daily. 
  • ICMM forms go home for the week on Friday.  The form needs to be reviewed and signed by both an adult and your student. ICMM forms are due back on the following Monday with a signature or your child will miss recess.

Weekly Homework

Monday: Spelling, Math, Read 20 minutes

Tuesday: Reading Comprehension, Math, Read 20 minutes

Wednesday: Non Fiction Article, Math, Read 20 minutes

Thursday: Read 20 minutes, 30 minutes of Dreambox

Additional assignments: Monthly book talks

Monthly Book Talks

September Book Talk

  • Book approved by Wednesday, September 6th
  • Character Trait Organizer due Friday, September 22nd
  • Descriptive paragraph and puppet due Friday, September 29th