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Contact Information

(408) 423-4200 x4253

Homework Expectation

Daily homework will be assigned, Monday - Thursday, consisting of reading (10 - 15 minutes) and writing connected with the reading. Math homework will also be assigned to reinforce the concepts and skills learned at school. Students should be working at home to memorize basis math facts, within 20, for both addition and subtraction to build automaticity.

Current Assignments

Catherine Fararjeh

Room 3
Room 3
3B's Classroom Expectations
3B's Classroom Expectations

Welcome to Room 3

Welcome to Room 3. I am Mrs. Fararjeh, your child's 1st grade teacher. It's a pleasure to be at Sutter Elementary. I have been a full time,classroom teacher for the past thirteen years, teaching fourth and second grade before moving to first. I was previously at FAME Public Charter School in Fremont. I also have extensive home schooling experience, as well as volunteer experience with parent participation preschool programs. My credential work was completed at San Jose State University. My undergraduate degree is from California State University, San Bernardino where I earned a B.S degree in Business Administration with a concentration in public accounting. I worked as a CPA for several years before deciding to be a full time mom to raise my three children. I look forward to the rest of the school year. Each day brings special rewards, seeing our students strive towards a higher level of learning. We welcome visitors and volunteers to our classroom. Your interest and support is recognized and greatly appreciated!


Wish List

zip lock bags ( quart size,) individual magnetic white boards, 2 pocket file folders, 7/8" blue painters' tape, clear packaging tape, Clorox disinfectant wipes, paper towels, heavy duty magnets, pushpins

Weekly Assignment

Classroom Expectations

Students will be able to:

work cooperatively with others, as well as independently

be active listeners

use indoor voices

observe classroom agreements and follow instructional routines

aim high and produce quality work

engage with others to solve problems

respect personal space boundaries

use low speed movement in the classroom

use materials and supplies properly

stay on task and display stamina

show kindness to others


To help promote desired behavior, students will be given ample opportunities to practice what they learn and will receive ongoing feedback - designed to be instructive and restorative, rather than punitive. MTSSB has been adopted by Sutter Elementary to foster social and academic success for all students, and our classroom expectations have been designed to be consistent with these objectives.