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The Sutter Way: Vision and Mission

The Sutter Mission

The Mission:  

Sutter fosters an inclusive, caring, and collaborative community by providing learning opportunities that support each individual’s strengths and goals.

The Sutter Vision

Vision:  #ItAllHappensHere!



The Sutter Song

The Sutter Bunch Song ...
(Lyrics by Kathy Strach and george Casem)

It's the story of Sutter Students
Who were looking for a school year full of fun.
They were all bored, and doing nothing
But sitting in the sun.

It's the story of Sutter teachers
Who were looking for some students just to teach.
They were all bored and doing nothing
But going to the beach

Till the one day when the students met their teachers
And they knew it was much more than a hunch.
That this group, must somehow form some classrooms
That's the way we all became the Sutter Bunch

The Sutter Bunch
The Sutter Bunch 
That's the way we became the Sutter Bunch!
badump badump bump


The Sutter Pledge

The Sutter Pledge 

I am Happy,
I am Healthy,
I am Successful,
I am Lovable,
I am Caring,
And every day,
In every way,
I'm getting better & better,
Believe it!