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Project Cornerstone

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What is the Project Cornerstone ABC Program?

The ABC Program is a literature-based program addressing important issues like respect, tolerance, honesty, peaceful conflict resolution, taking a stand against bullying behaviors, inclusion and refusing to participate in gossip. Volunteers read specially selected books then lead discussions and activities that help teach valuable lessons related to these issues.  For more information, checkout:

Eight books will be read throughout the year in each classroom.  Book titles for 2016-2017 school year include Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon, Don’t Laugh At Me, The Ok Book.

Get Involved – Become a Volunteer Reader!

  • Spending 50 minutes a month in your child's class can make a world of difference
  • It's a great opportunity to support children in a meaningful way
  • Training, books, discussion topics, and suggestions on classroom activities provided
  • Volunteer commitment is approximately 3 hours/month for the eight months
  • First time readers must also attend an one time two hour training session at the YMCA

To become a volunteer or for more information, please contact Marleas Smith at, Krishna Kotikalapudi at,  or  your child’s teacher.